The Center Glass Team
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The Center Glass Team

  • William Heck, Fabrication Supervisor
  • Paul Bailey, Project Manager
  • Ron Leaverton, Vice President
  • Darcie Numan, Controller
  • David Lawrenz, Field Superintendent
  • Gary Vincent, President
  • Fred R. Witte, Founder
  • Betty Hintz, Contract Management
  • Jackson Witte, CEO

  • Employee Directory


    Jackson R. Witte
    Chairman / CEO / Secretary / Treasurer
    Ext. 104

    Gary J. Vincent
    Ext. 103

    Ronald A. Leaverton
    Vice President
    Ext. 107

    Paul R. Bailey
    Project Manager
    Ext. 112

    Darcie M. Numan
    Ext. 105

    Betty L. Hintz
    Contract Administrator
    Ext. 100

    Dave C. Lawrenz
    Field Superintendent
    Ext. 201

    William W. Heck
    Supervisor of Fabrication Shop
    Ext. 205

    John D. Kriner
    Field Superintendent
    Ext. 200